Or are they something else?

Firstly, we need to erase ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ out of the dictionary.

What you think is right is wrong in someone else’s mind. Someone is going to say, “Well, if I don’t support murder and the other person does, then I’m right because murder is…


You’re probably going, ‘Wait, is that the Garifuna flag?’ and you are not going crazy. It is.

But these are also the primary colours for human skin tones. To make all the other tones, you mix these basic colours together.

But why do we care what skin tone someone…

Or are we making ourselves so ‘great’ that the gods are laughing at our feeble attempts to show the world that we are ‘doing the right thing’?

World, we have achieved the laughing point of history. Our descendants(who hopefully will have more sense in their heads), will be learning about…

My classmates are like this. Even if 'God' exists, it doesn't mean that you and the majority are absolutely right. Most people just go with the flow, which is the flow that is the majority. History might look back and be like, "Whoa! These people are idiots!" or they might go, "Hmm...maybe they are right."

But either way, there's a big question mark on the test of 'Are you right'. It's also very possible that I'm wrong. But in my tiny opinion, nothing is permanent or unmovable, not even this line. Who needs sci-fi movies when you've got the world right now?

Controversial Squirrel

Squirrel with an odd idea in an odd world. I specialise in throwing controversial topics off the ledge of sanity using logic. Controvers-ology…or whatever.

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