World, are we doing the right thing?

Or are we making ourselves so ‘great’ that the gods are laughing at our feeble attempts to show the world that we are ‘doing the right thing’?

Who can decide if anyone is right or wrong? (Credits: Wallpaper Cave)

World, we have achieved the laughing point of history. Our descendants(who hopefully will have more sense in their heads), will be learning about this in history class. Anti-racism is now about calling out people who are ‘racist’. Yes, there IS racism, but the world is ‘woke’ now, so the problem will be resolved, right? RIGHT?


Calling out ‘white’ people who are racist is only dividing the people more. People sometimes take things TOO literally. I really think that people are going to go as far as teach their pets not to be racist. It is a real topic.

We need to see everyone as the human race.

Black, white, yellow…first things that comes up whenever race does. Why does race matter so much if people are ‘anti-racist’?

Why do people care if it’s a black person speaking or a white person?

Or do people judge others by their race and identity(gender, age…)?

Some people are supporting anti-racism just to show the world that they are great people. Some are genuinely concerned because they are going to be impacted. Others just want to ‘do the right thing’.

Someone does something wrong. Whatever their race is, it’s an accident because the person doesn’t exactly choose what race they are.

There is no #1 anti-racism medal. If there was, it might go to an ant, or a leaf, or maybe the chipmunk that eats our sunflower seeds. Not any human.

Anti-racism has turned into a manhunt of people who are ‘racist’. Right now, the human race is making all the gods in the universe laugh hysterically at our own ignorance. Even CLIMATE CHANGE is a smaller subject than ‘who is racist?’ Climate change is killing approximately 4.2 million people due to air pollution and 3.5 million of water pollution. Doesn’t that say something. And just a few people dying of racist attacks.

Almost forgot to mention, racism is now found in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, dogs, knitting(I read from Steve QJ, check him out)… Some people need to stop treating it like an Easter egg hunt.

Police. Aren’t police human too? The minority out of the minority are the ones who are disgraced and make the headline for two years in a row. Just because you see someone doing something doesn’t mean others don’t want to do the same. It’s just that the ‘others’ don’t have the resources. Right now, people are convinced that police are racist, any group who has had a person inside do something bad means that the entire group is bad.

Racist people and SOME of the ‘anti racist’ people seem to have the same concept of ‘fairness’. Racist people just are directing it to a race, and those ‘anti-racist’ people are directing it to groups.

Getting to the point…defunding the police is NOT the answer.

It’ll end up with more criminals on the loose, and…they will start getting divided by race.

That’s like fighting a flood by uniting most of the world to keep pouring more water to push out the flood water.

Yes, racism exists and should be called out, but people really need to call out the right people. Themselves. Test themselves to see if they are the ones they should be changing, and not others.

The prettiest and brightest frog is usually the most poisonous. Calamity sees people’s hearts.

Those who cannot remember the past (toppling of statues) are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana

Right now, the world is playing a game of Them or Us. Us is ALWAYS right in Us’s opinion, and now everyone is convinced that Us is correct. The world needs to play, We can talk We’s problems into the solution.

The goal shouldn’t be ‘oh no let’s pity those racialized Asians and Hispanics and others of colour and criticise ones who bully them’, but instead should be, ‘how do we see the world’s people as the human race?’

People should be more focused on uniting the world, and not calling the ‘bad guys’ out and dividing the world more.

OK, done talking. Now, ask myself, am I racist or biased in any way?